About Us

Chicago Nurse Midwife’s vision is to make safe comprehensive home birth care a real choice for Chicago area families regardless of demographic background; and to help eliminate the racial disparity in birth outcomes among African American women & their babies. It is our desire to see all families thrive and flourish, one healthy pregnancy and birth at a time.


  • We believe that pregnancy and birth are normal, natural processes rather than medical events.
  • We believe that home birth is a safe, holistic option for healthy, low-risk women and their newborns when attended by a skilled provider.
  • We believe in helping the people we serve to take the primary role as decision-makers for the health care needs of their families.
  • We believe that the midwife’s role is one of health partner, guide & one of the guardians of normal life processes including pregnancy and birth.
  • We believe that family & patient-led care can be transformative for communities.
  • We believe in care that is provided by culturally competent providers & value a client’s desire for culturally congruent providers.
  • We believe in evidence-based practice & provide our clients with the latest scientific evidence to support an informed choice.
  • We believe in care that is culturally informed, includes traditional practices & respects spirituality & spiritual health.
  • We believe that minimal or no intervention is optimal care for low-risk women who have no complications.
  • We believe that care that is accessible, safe & trauma-informed honors & fosters resilience.
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