Preparing for the arrival of your sweet baby is such a precious time. As your midwives, we are on call for your labor and birth 24/7. As you near your due date, we will review your detailed birth plan and discuss “when to call the midwife.” Once we determine that active labor is established, when we arrive at your home, we enter your birthing environment calmly and quietly, joining you as you labor. Our philosophy is geared to promote a natural birth process and interfere with it as little as possible. As a member of your birth team, our role is to follow your lead and to facilitate your labor with guidance, reassurance and support while responding to each one of your individual needs.

We will continue to provide a thorough clinical assessment of both you and your baby throughout the duration of labor & birth. Healthy mommy and baby are our ultimate goals, and assessments at regular intervals throughout labor coupled with continuity of quality of midwifery care, help us to achieve just that. Your birth team will consist of your midwife & birth assistant/doula. Throughout the birth process you will receive labor support as needed, birthing person and fetal assessments will be completed, you will have freedom to move, eat and drink as you desire.

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