Labor tubs create a semi-concealed retreat for the laboring mom. For many, this is more comfortable than laboring out in the open in view of the birth team and aids in relaxation. Relaxation is crucial to an easier and less painful labor. Warm water helps to soothe tight and tired muscles, providing significant pain relief. The water buoyancy helps the laboring mother conserve her energy as she doesn’t have to support her full weight, this makes any position changes easier. The freedom and ease of movement in and of itself can decrease the sensation of pain. 

Between contractions, many women enjoy relaxing while allowing their bodies to float. Increased relaxation allows women to dilate more quickly resulting in a shorter labor on average and reduces medical interventions including c-sections, episiotomies, and the need for stitches. It can also help to lower blood pressure. Water birth is very safe for both mother and baby. We encourage all who are interested to experience the benefits of water birth.

Birthing pools are available for rent for a small fee. You set up the pool, we’ll take care of cleaning it!

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